$15 High School football discount card fundraiser
$10 Fastpitch softball fundraiser cards

#1 Fundraising

Discount Cards 

Earn highest profits selling cards
No upfront $ for most Non-profits
Most groups pay from profits*
We get local & national merchants
100 kids can raise $10,000 or more
Return unsold cards for a refund **
Made in US & low price guarantee
Shipping included. No hidden fees 

We do all the work!

We contact national merchants
We contact wishlist merchants
We design a photo quality card
Full color printing front and back
Best quality PVC plastic & printing
Here are some previous merchants

Discount Card Fundraising Potential Profits

(Don’t forget, these are the highest profits in the industry! Check out our low price guarantee!)

$10 Silver Card

  • 400 - up to $2,992 Profit
  • 600 - up to $4,488 Profit
  • 800 - up to $5,984 Profit
  • 1000 - up to $10,516 Profit*

$15 Gold Card

  • 300 - up to $3,615 Profit
  • 600 - up to $7,227 Profit
  • 800 - up to $9,636 Profit
  • 1000 - up to $16,599 Profit*

$20 Platinum Card

  • 300 - up to $5,148 Profit
  • 600 - up to $10,296 Profit
  • 800 - up to $13,728 Profit
  • 1000 - up to $23,232 Profit*

* Includes 200 bonus cards per 1000 cards ordered. These profits require all cards received being sold.

Step-By-Step Guidance

Orange checklistYou will never be left in the dark, your personal local rep will help you through the entire process.

Raise the Most Funds

Green fundraising dollar signGain from our experience as we assist you in reaching your group’s full fundraising potential.

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What is a Discount Card Fundraiser?

Our fundraiser discount card is a hard plastic PVC card (like a credit card) created specifically for your group. We will create a custom design for the front of your card, using your organization’s name, colors, logos, and/or background images. The back of your fundraising card will include discounts from 15-21 merchants in your local area.

Merchant offers can consist of both local mom and pop establishments and also nearby locations of national chains. We include the merchant’s logo/name, the discounts they are providing and the location(s) where the offer can be redeemed. Offers can be in a number of different forms, like 10% 15% or 20% off, a dollar amount off like $5 off purchase of $30 or more, or $7 off an oil change. Additionally, there may be BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers like BOGO chicken sandwich or WPO (With Purchase Of) offers like free bread sticks WPO a pizza or free buffet WPO a buffet and two drinks.

Discount cards are the highest profit fundraiser in the industry and are by far the best type of fundraisers for groups of kids, like schools, little league sports, youth groups and other types of Non-profit organizations. Essentially the cards are sold to the non-profit organization (and most times payment is not due until two weeks after the cards are received), who then distribute the cards to the children, who in turn sell them to family, neighbors and the parent’s co-workers. You may even approach your local grocery store and see if they will allow your organization to sell your cards in front of their store. Ideally, the group then pays us with those funds then uses the remainder to support the group’s activities.

$15 Discount Card sample

Discount Card Fundraisers

We know you’ve tried the chocolate bars, the printed cups, the popcorn, the car wash, and even the classic bake sale to help raise money for your school or organization. How many of those chocolate bars were you stuck with once the fundraising period was over? How many did you eat? Did it rain the day of the car wash? We have a much easier solution that pleases everyone and is a lot easier.

A discount card fundraiser is an ideal way to meet your fundraising goals without a lot of tedious planning. Your supporters won’t be the only ones enjoying your card fundraiser, the local businesses in your town will also see new customers and increased business. The best part, of course, is that we do most of the work for you, leaving you more time to focus on running your organization.

Custom Designs

With our completely customized fundraising discount cards, your supporters will be lining up to get them. We can print the cards with your organization’s logo, colors or nearly any design of your choice. Most groups leave the design up to us and we create something unique every time. You will have the opportunity to proofread the card design before we print them. Each time a donor uses the card, they’ll be reminded of how they helped your cause. That doesn’t happen once donors eat their specially wrapped candy or get their car washed. As your community experiences using our fundraising cards, they’ll look for them at each of your future fundraising events.

Local Business Participation

We know how overwhelming and time consuming it can be to find local businesses to support your cause. We will do it for you. We take the central address you provide and recruit up to 18 businesses in your area to participate. You can even give us a wishlist if there are certain merchants you want to try and include, and we’ll do our best to get them on board. Many small businesses are happy to have the advertisement and look forward to serving new customers. The business owners can also feel good about supporting a worthy cause in their community. Choose our discount fundraising cards and you’ll have more time to work on your cause without worrying about fundraising details.  You can find more details about this in our FAQ.

Pricing and Financing

We require a minimum order of 300 cards on our $15 and $20 cards and a 400 card minimum order on our $10 cards.  We have standard profit for each order, plus we will include up to 13% extra cards if you decide to pay in advance. We’re so confident in our card fundraisers, that we’ll donate another 200 extra cards if you order 1,000 or more and we have a low price guarantee. If you sell out and need additional fundraising cards, we can print them in batches of 100 cards and ship them to you in about 7 days. We do have financing available for schools and most registered nonprofits. If your organization qualifies, no money is required upfront with the initial order. Payment will be due 30 days after your cards are delivered.

Premium Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, so we’re here to answer any questions or talk through any concerns you might have.

We’re committed to making sure your fundraiser is a huge success. We know fundraising cards work because of the repeat business we’ve gotten from groups like yours. If you have an upcoming event, call us today and we’ll start the process. Make the smart choice when it comes to your fundraising plans and order your fundraising discount cards today.

Your donors will be able to choose exactly how they want to use their cards and you’re giving them several different local merchants to choose from. Donors can use these cards for an entire year, so the discounts pay for them several times over. Please give us a call or fill out our form below to get more information. We look forward to helping you make your discount card fundraiser a resounding success!